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Lawn Lot with Funeral Flowers and Flat Romblon Marble
Lawn Lot
  • Area: 2.44 sq.m
  • Measures: 1 m x 2.44 m
  • 2 Vault Underground (Double Tiered)
  • Flat Romblon Marble Markers, engraved letters only (18 x 24 x 3)​
  • May inter 2 bodies with not more than 2 sets of bone remains on vault
Single Niche (4-Lot Garden) with green grass and funeral white rose flowers
Single Niche (4-Lot Garden)
  • Area: 9.76 sq.m
  • Measures: 3 m x 3.44 m
  • 4 Single Tiered Underground (UG) Burials
  • 1 Above Ground (AG) Niche (optional)
  • 5 Burial Spaces
  • Construction of niche shall follow company rule on height, width, length. etc.
Inventory - Prestige Family Estate (18-Lot Family Estate)
Prestige (18-Lot Family Estate)
  • Area: 43.92 sq.m
  • Measures: 6 m x 7.32 m
  • 18 Single Tiered Lots
  • Construction of Mausoleum allowed but not to exceed 50% of the property
  • Mausoleum height's not to exceed 3 meters
  • Maximum of 4 niches inside the mausoleum
  • Comfort room allowed

What our clients say

Its very clean its not crowded like other cemetery do and there are so many flower stalls outside the gate.

Manila Memorial Park-Cebu Client

The place is truly a place to commemorate a departed loved one. Clean and quiet.

Manila Memorial Park-Cebu Client

The Memorial Park Concept


Well planned development with landscaped surroundings, complete utilities such as drainage, electrical and irrigation (sprinkler)


Low utilization of land


Well maintained


Full ownership of lot


Maintenance supported by Trust Fund

Lawn Lot wide angle shot